Sanathana Public School is an English medium school following  co-educational system. During the Pre-KG years, the staff attend to the proper development of a good physique, adequate muscular co-ordination and basic motor skills in the child. We carefully introduce paper and pencils as their tools for learning. We encourage the child to follow socially acceptable etiquettes. His eating habits, grooming and toilet training; to start with. During the LKG level, we introduce English alphabets formally to the child. He learns to read and write the alphabets properly and numerals from 1 to 100. All the book work activities are done only in school and no homework is given. The child is introduced to the Hindi alphabets during UKG .The child’s tongue troubles are corrected and his speaking is made clearer. Children are invited to take the platform to sing or dance but usually to perform an action song or the rhyme they are taught, with exercises that help them overcome their stage inhibitions. Student Participation is encouraged through activities such as drawing and coloring, writing, group games, clay modeling, puzzles, flash cards and conversations. The KG years would have appropriately equipped the child to attend formal schooling with a yearning to learn.

           Higher classes are designed to involve the students wholly into what they learn. Various interactive sessions and activities aided by technology, strengthen this thematic approach. Group projects, general awareness quiz programs, field trips etc. are conducted to supplement their learning experiences. The school currently imparts education for students till VIIth standard. The school is expanding its infrastructure so it can conduct classes up to the XIIth standard. The school faculty is spearheaded by the Director, Dr.Maya Sugathan, and the teachers are exceptional mentors and guides, having extensive knowledge in their discipline with years of experience in the teaching field. The school has separate dining halls, computer lab, science lab and a full fledged library to support its students. After school hours are totally set aside for co-curricular activities. Children may choose according to their wish to attend classes for drama, piano, break dance craft, Music or even self defense such as Taekwondo.